Past Life San Antonio

There are some locations I visit just to work with past life regression clients and there are other locations where I enjoy sticking around after working. After spending several days with my Past Life San Antonio clients, I often fly my wife down to San Antonio and stick around for a few days to rest and relax.

Past Life San AntonioJust like other locations I visit, some clients in San Antonio come from the local area while others drive to see me from surrounding areas. It is not uncommon for someone to drive 3-4 hours or even fly to see me for a Life Between Lives or Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, and that also includes my Past Life San Antonio clients.

These sessions may be available through others, however the sessions I offer my Past Life San Antonio clients are the result of yours of learning and hands on experience with hypnotherapy, exploring past lives, guiding clients into the spirit world during life between lives sessions and connecting with spirit guides, higher self and others who work with each of us to help my clients gain additional knowledge, insight and understanding.

This not only happens during these sessions, even in my Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training, it is not uncommon for my students or myself to assist others in connecting to earlier times in their current life, past lives or those working with us in spirit. During certain sessions, past lives and connecting with spirit is to be expected, as well as during Past Life Regression training. However, even in Hypnotherapy Training (yes it happened in my Dallas training just today!) there can be opportunities from students to assist other students in connecting with spirit, even if that was not the intention of the session.

When you decide to schedule a session, it’s important to consider the different types of sessions I offer my Past Life San Antonio clients. One point to keep in mind is that the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session is actually a Past Life Regression session, though I used to call it an extended Past Life Regression because there is more to it than merely past life regression.

My current schedule is available here in case you are ready to schedule an appointment at a location near you.