Am I Making It Up? A Common Question During a Past Life

A very common question that comes up in the mind of the client during a past life regression session is, ‘Am I Making It Up?’ In fact, it is so common that some of my clients will mention that at some point either during or after the session that at least wondered if they were making it up. I discuss this before we start the session because I understand why this question may arise.

Am I Making It UpThe past life memories, as well as memories during a Life Between Lives session, come to you in a way that is different from our normal method of communication. Typically we receive information by talking to people face to face, on the phone, online, or perhaps by reading or watching TV and movies.

When information comes to our awareness through our subconscious mind during a past life regression experience, our conscious mind tends to question this information. This is one reason people will ask, ‘Am I Making It Up?’ after they emerge from hypnosis.

This is especially true for those clients who are not very visual. I recall working with a client who did not seem to be very visual as I worked with her during our initial talk before we entered into hypnosis. We call this the pre-talk.

However, during the session she told me that the playing cards she was playing with were different than those we use today. In one scene she was with her sister and when I asked what her sister was wearing and she instantly responded ‘a yellow dress.’

She proceeded to describe the inside of their humble home, the wooden table where they ate and even the outside of their home. She talked about the thatched roof, the outside of their home, the yard and the trees.

I was amazed at the detail she provided. Yet when she emerged from hypnosis I stated that it seemed like she was visual after all. She responded, “I think I made it all up.” When I asked why she said she didn’t see a thing, so even during her session she kept asking herself, ‘Am I Making It Up?’. The only thing that made sense to her conscious mind was that she must have made it all up.

When I mentioned all the detail she had provided, and how she answered my questions without thinking, she told me the answers just came out of nowhere. As we continued to discuss her session I asked her a few additional questions and she decided that she probably did not make it up.

That’s how this works in many cases, I know because I am not very visual. When I experience a Past Life Regression myself I usually get feelings or I just know what is happening. I never ask, ‘Am I Making It Up?’, because I understand how my mind works when I am experiencing a Past Life Regression. I may see a few scenes here or there, but I typically only “see” 1 or 2 images during an entire session. However the feelings are overwhelming. Even people who are extremely visual comment how intense the feelings are during the session.

Some people even cry, though with emotions like that, they rarely if ever say they think they are making it up. Of course there can also be happy emotions that just come out of nowhere as well. The fact is if you are making it up, you will not experience emotions, well unless perhaps you are an actor. When someone says,  ‘Am I Making It Up?’ during a session, I will ask them how do you feel. This way they can get a better sense of what they are feeling during the session.

I had a Past Life Regression client in New Orleans several years ago who said she thought she was making up one of her past lives, which led her to believe that perhaps she made up all of them. This is a common reaction with some people, and I have a question I ask that typically helps them to understand that they probably were not making it up. OK, so she was not typical, and that didn’t cut it for her.

She said that she had always been fascinated by Native Americans and had read many books on them, and knew a lot about them from all her reading. So she thought that perhaps she was just making things up about her Native Americans lifetime because she already knew so much about them. But then I asked her why she had such a fascination with Native Americans. Why did she spend so much time studying them over the years? Why did she read all those books?

This provided her with what she needed to know to help her understand that she was very likely NOT making it up. The fact that she had this fascination with the Native American culture was a clue that her past lives were indeed authentic.

I am not going to spoil it by sharing the question I ask after the session when people tell me they think they were making it up. I prefer to save that until AFTER the session. Once I spoke with both of these clients, like most of my other clients who tell me, ‘Am I Making It Up?’, they agreed that chances are they were not making it up after all.

What will your clue be that you are not making it up? Discover more about Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Quantum Healing Hypnosis when you visit Past Life Regression Dallas, as well as by reviewing the content here on this site.

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