Past Life Charleston

past-life-charlestonCharleston is always a special place to visit since I lived there for the first 21 years of my life. I am not sure if I had a Past Life Charleston experience in another life, though it’s been so long since I left it seems like my childhood was a past life there.

Like the other places I visit to work, the people who come to see me are interested in more than a curiosity of who they were in a past life. My Past Life Charleston clients seek me out because they are interested in going deeper into their subconscious mind to gain access to past life memories that can help them in their life.

How Can Past Life Regression Help?

People who contact me about scheduling a past life regression session typically have a deep desire to make changes in their lives, though it’s not always what they might think. While it is possible to deal with releasing or letting go of that which has been holding you back in some way, there are also more positive aspects of Past Life Regression.

Some clients discover talents and abilities they had in previous lives. They find that they are able to tap into those abilities more quickly in their current life once they have made a connection to their past life self who spent a lifetime nurturing that ability.

A common example would be a client who has a sense they should be working with people, helping people in some way. They may or may not know how they are supposed to accomplish that. Then they discover they were a healer in a past life, and it all makes perfect sense to them. When we bring the energy of that past life self forward into their life today, it’s like they have a partner with them, assisting them, teaching them and working with them as they help others.

The other side of the coin might be someone who feels they are being held back, they have a physical pain that cannot be explained by modern medicine or they cannot seem to let go of some less than positive emotion such as sadness, fear or guilt. How could something like that come from a past life?

Quite often there can be a connection with a physical, mental or emotional energy in the current life and a series of events that lead to their death in a past life. For example, let’s say a soldier in a past life was shot in the back and died. One client was shot in a past life and put his hand back there then pulled it forward to look at it to see if he was bleeding.

He started screaming that his back was hurting, and told me it was hurting when he came in the room for his session. He had chronic back pain in that same spot for over 25 years. We worked together and were able to help him release that pain. When he opened his eyes the first thing he said was, my back does not hurt.

It’s the same with mental and emotional challenges, they seem to vanish after the client comes to the realization that it is not their pain, it belongs to the past life self. They make the decision to let it go and it’s gone.

My Past Life Charleston clients, like clients in other locations, sometimes tell me they are on a spiritual path, but they lack direction. They are insure where they are going and thus how to get there. These can be some of the more interesting sessions.

Past Life Charleston

Past Life CharlestonIt’s is wonderful to return to Charleston because although I have studied with Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Dick Sutphen and Dolores Cannon, for me it all started in Charleston. My father was not only a hypnotherapist, he was also a Past Life Regression Therapist.

I had the opportunity to watch him guide people back to previous lifetimes at our home on James Island as far back as the mid 1960’s! Now that I specialize in this work and teach Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives, I feel it is important to return to my roots and share what I have learned through comprehensive training and extensive experience with my Past Life Charleston clients.

You might find others who offer sessions more suited to those who are just curious about who they were in a past life. However, if you are looking for deeper meaning, healing and powerful opportunities for change in your life, give me a call, send me an email or visit my website where you will find information about my upcoming visit to Charleston for Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives sessions.