Spirit Guide Connection

We all have a Spirit Guide Connection with our guides who work with us, some work with us more closely than others. That does not mean everyone is aware of their guides. Though if you ask questions they will respond. It is up to us to trust the information that comes as a result of our request.

Spirit Guide ConnectionThat said some people make decisions at some point that make it more challenging for them to connect with their guides. Several months ago I worked with someone in a Past Life Regression session who had asked to connect with her guide several years before her session. Her guide showed himself to her. He was a Native American warrior, all dressed and ready to go to war. He had on face paint and she noticed feathers as well as his bow and arrows.

He scared my client so much that she told him to go away. How did we discover this? Her higher self told us about this. We were told that she told him to leave, so he did. He was sitting patiently waiting for her to reconnect with him, all she had to do was ask. Be careful what you ask for could have 2 meanings in this case. She asked to see him and that scared her. Then she told him to go away.

Spirit Guide Connection

In a more recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis session┬ámy client was seeking a stronger Spirit Guide Connection, though we ended up connecting with my client’s higher self to get answers to her questions. She wanted to connect with her guide, but felt she was unable to do so on her own. So I asked her higher self about her Spirit Guide Connection and we were told her guide is not available.

When I asked why her guide was not available we were told her guide was way off in the distance and was going to stay there. It seems she had made a request to live her life without assistance this time, again, be careful what you ask for.

Preconception Contract

The unusual thing for me was that about an hour before this came up, I started having thoughts run through my mind. I was thinking that I needed to review how to assist my clients in regressing back to review their preconception contract. When all this came up, I knew why.

I asked her higher self if this agreement was part of the preconception contract, and it was. Then I asked my client if she would like to review the contract to discover the agreement and potentially make changes. She said yes and her higher self was OK with it as well. As a result, we regressed back to review the preconception contract.

We discovered that there was in fact an agreement there that her guide would work with her from a distance and not be very involved in her life this time around. This was why she did not have a good Spirit Guide Connection in this life. It was her choice to make this agreement, but she decided that she needed additional assistance after all and she agreed to amend her preconception contract.

At this point we discovered her guide was more of a female energy and we were able to connect with her guide and even got her name. In order to assist my client in gaining a closer connection with her guide I asked if it would be OK for her guide to answer the rest of her questions, and she agreed.

Do you have a good Spirit Guide Connection? Spirit Guides can always hear us, they know when we ask for guidance or have a question. It’s up to us to learn how to quiet the mind and trust what comes. If you are not careful you may just lock yourself out, so again, be careful what you wish for.

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