Past Life Regression Therapy A Love Story

Discover more about Past Life Regression Therapy in the amazing documentary created by EARTh, the Earth Association for Regression Therapy.

Discovering Past Life Regression Therapy A Love Story

The documentary above is a film by the Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). The footage is from the 5th World Congress for Past Life Regression Therapy in Portugal in 2014. The menu in the top left corner will allow you to access all 15 parts of the amazing regression documentary.

Discover more about Past Life Regression Therapy and how is has the power to make positive changes in the lives of clients. It is not uncommon for people to find healing during their past life session that may have been impossible to achieve any other way.

When we bring in physical, mental or emotional ‘baggage’ from previous lives, it can be difficult to impossible to heal through western or even eastern medicine. It’s the memory, the belief that was established in the past that holds us back from having the life we truly desire and deserve.

I am not saying that all issues come from past lives, but many challenges do originate in our past. They may be a result of experiences earlier in the current life, which could even include the time in the womb. It is also possible that there were situations before the womb, in other words in past lives, that are making it difficult to experience a happy, fulfilling life.

Past Life Regression Therapy
The beauty of both the Life Between Lives and the Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) sessions is that even if the challenge is a result of something in the current life, we can discover the root care and what needs to be done to resolve the challenge.

Of course there are skeptics, but the nice thing is that they usually do not contact me, so I do not have a problem with others having their own belief system. That said I have worked with judges, lawyers, doctors and yes even a Catholic Priest and a Presbyterian Pastor, guiding them back to previous lifetimes as well as to the spirit world during a Life Between Lives session.

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