Past Life Regression Benefits

It’s not uncommon for a client to discover the root cause of a challenge they are facing in their current life lies in a previous lifetime. Past Life Regression Benefits may be physical or emotional in nature. In some cases my clients are able to discover the cause of multiple challenges they are facing.

Past Life Regression BenefitsIn 2017 I was working with a student before class one day and she was visiting with her spirit guide when all of a sudden she said, I am falling, I feel myself falling, I fell off a cliff. She had told me that she had a fear of heights so I told her to rewind to just before she fell off the cliff.

There were 2 men there who were upset with her. She was trying to apologize to one when the other one pushed her off the cliff. This was the source of her fear of heights. I assisted her in releasing the fear and this is no longer an issue for her.

Additional Past Life Regression Benefits

My client was enrolled in our Nashville Hypnotherapy Training and had been learning Reiki, yet she felt reluctant to help people, basically reluctant to be a healer. Something was holding her back. Along cam additional Past Life Regression Benefits. In another lifetime she was a healer, working with herbs. People came to her because she was able to help them.

When we went to her last day she discovered that there were some men who did not like what she was doing, so they tied her to a chair at the place where she worked and burned the place down. No only did this explain her reluctance to be a healer, the memory of being burned alive resulted in her having psoriasis in her current lifetime.

I worked with her to help her understand the connection between that life and her life today in terms of the fear of being harmed for being a healer as well as the skin condition in her current body. Four days later she made a video testimonial for me and said that she now knows she does not have to react with a flare up of her psoriasis when she is in a stressful situation.

My wife was speaking to her 4-5 months later and she said the psoriasis was 95% gone. Even her husband, who was initially skeptical, was convinced that there is something to this after seeing the change in her skin condition.

I let people know that they get with they need most, even if it is different than what they think they need. Amazing Past Life Regression Benefits are often experienced when you make the decision to explore your past through past life regression. Discover Past Life Regression in Houston as well as San AntonioOklahoma CityNew Orleans and Charleston when you visit my websitel. When you are ready to schedule your session, visit my website for additional details about the different sessions or give me a call at 214-432-6624.

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