Why Past Life Regression

  • Why Past Life Regression
  • Have you ever been somewhere new and felt you have been there before?
  • Have you ever met someone new and felt you know them?
  • Do you have dreams that seem so real it’s as if they actually happened?
  • Are you drawn to certain cultures or time periods?

Why Past Life Regression? Déjà vu

Déjà vu, the feeling that you have been somewhere before or known someone before, is something that leads people wonder about the reality of past lives and reincarnation. This answer to Why Past Life Regression can provide the opportunity to experience, learn, grow and heal. It is possible to heal mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and some have found they gain a greater understanding of their relationships in their current life.

Why Past Life Regression? Dreams

Dreams often seem so real that you may wonder if the dream is actually a memory from a past life. I had a client who dreamed she was living in Chicago in the 1920’s and was shot and killed by a stranger. When we visited a past life, she discovered that she had indeed been shot in Chicago by a stranger.

Some people have dreams of living in other times, other places and even other bodies. Are these past life memories emerging from deep within the subconscious mind? When people discover facts in a past life that they did not know before, and they are able to validate these facts, it becomes clear that there is something to the belief that past lives are real. Another answer to Why Past Life Regression.

Why Past Life Regression? Talents and Abilities

Many people find they excel at math or history or art or music. Often these gifts, talents and abilities are an indication that you have prior experience in these areas. Attractions to certain people, places, time periods and cultures often make even the skeptic wonder why they have these attractions and some may find this creates a curiosity about previous lifetimes.

Some people are fascinated by anything to do with the civil war and others are drawn to Egyptian history. This can provide an answer to the question, Why Past Life Regression? I had a client who felt a strong connection to Queen Elizabeth and she discovered that she was a maid in waiting. Her doubts about making this up were quietened by facts she discovered during her session that she did not know already but was able to validate after the session. It is not uncommon for some people to find that they have an affinity for anything that has to do with Native Americans.

Why Past Life Regression? Soul Connections

In his books, Journey or Souls and Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton writes about what he calls soul groups, which are our close friends in the spirit world that we tend to find ourselves with from lifetime to lifetime. We help them to learn their spiritual lessons and they do the same for us. Karma and soul agreements tend to be between members of soul groups who assist one another in learning lessons that allow our soul to learn and progress.

I had a client who discovered that in a past life she was her uncle and another client who lost her son was reunited with him when her grandson was born. This is an indication that we continue to travel together with our soul group throughout different lifetimes. They may not all be your soul mate and your soul mate may not be with you in every life, but there is usually someone, at least one person from your soul group who is with you in your different lives. That said, sometimes we decide to fly solo and there are no members of our soul group in our lives.

Discover Why Past Life Regression when you learn who you were in a past life and allow yourself to experience, learn and grow as you release whatever is getting in your way or holding you back. I have learned that when the time is right, the session will happen. Find out more about Live and Skype Past Life Sessions so you can discover the power within to take control of your life and move in the direction you intended before you were born.

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