Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives - Journey of SoulsLife Between Lives is an experience like no other. It offers the client an opportunity to explore themselves from the soul level by visiting the time between lifetimes, what Dr. Michael Newton calls Life Between Lives. The knowledge and understanding available during this experience is life changing and provides a new perspective to life that is not available through other experiences.

People like Brian Weiss and Dick Sutphen have written many books on Past Life Regression that have provided people with a deeper level of understanding about who they are today. Life Between Lives takes it a step further in that it provides the opportunity to explore your life as an immortal timeless being by providing access to all of your lives as well as heartfelt connections to those who we know and love in our earthly incarnations as well as others we may only know on a soul level when we are in the spirit world.

Destiny-of-SoulsLife Between lives holds a wealth of knowledge regarding themes of all the lives you have ever lived. It’s not about finding out if you were an American Soldier in the Revolutionary War it’s about getting to the very core of your being, who you¬† really are and how you integrate with your current brain and body!

Life Between Lives provides you with the opportunity to discover how your true identity can accept basic truths about yourself that may have been hidden or that you never even suspected were there until it is uncovered in your LBL session.

It is important that you schedule a Past Life Regression session before your Life Between Lives session if you have not been through that experience before. The fact is that everyone deserves a powerful LBL session, and the best way to prepare for that is to start with the past life session first.

Some people are so excited to get to the spirit world in the LBL session that they do their best to convince me that they have no interest in past lives. While Life Between Lives is a completely different experience, part of the LBL process is working with your past lives and gaining an understanding of them from a higher level. Without the background of experiences in your past lives, parts of the LBL experience may not have as great an impact as it would otherwise.

After the LBL session, these people typically thank me for insisting that they start with the Past Life session. In addition, starting with the Past Life experience provides the client with the opportunity to experience hypnosis as they prepare for the deeper trance states required to access the spirit world in the Life Between Lives session.

You can find out more about Life Between Lives, Past Life Regression and my travel schedule here. Sessions outside the Dallas area can be scheduled online, though sessions in Dallas will need to be scheduled by phone or email.

The Life Between Lives experience usually lasts 4-5 hours, however these sessions have been known to go longer. We will not stop just because the clock says it has been 5 hours. It is also important that you avoid scheduling anything after the session. It is best to be able to relax and allow yourself to integrate your experience for the rest of the day. This means avoiding travel as well as any other events that might distract you from the integration process. In fact Michael Newton prefers to call this Spiritual Integration instead of Spiritual Regression.