Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Testimonial

Past Life Regression in Nashville. During our Good Vibes Hypnosis Training in Nashville, one of the students inquired about experiencing a Past Life Regression session. This is her story 4 days after her Past Life Regression experience with Second Generation Past Life Regression Therapist Mark Johnson.

Past Life Regression and Reincarnation are not new, though these concepts are becoming more mainstream around the world as belief systems continue to change. Eastern religions and philosophies such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism have accepted reincarnation and past life regression for thousands of years. While some believe that western religions once included a belief in these concepts, modern western religion does not agree with these concepts.

Past Life RegressionFor those who believe in reincarnation and past life regression, or those who are at least open to the possibility, there is a huge potential to not only discover something about your past, but also to gain an in-depth understanding about many aspects of your life that may have otherwise remained a mystery. Special connections with key people in our lives are not an accident. These people may very well have been with us in past lives. Even the antagonists we bump heads with from time to time may be close to us when we are in spirit and not living a life in a physical body.

Everyone you know or are close to has not been with you in a past life, but chances are there are more people from your past than you might expect. Some of your past life soul friends may play a huge role in your life, while others may be someone who you only know for a short time. It’s all about the roles they play in our lives and we play in their lives.

Resolving Fears and Phobias with Past Life

While some people will mention they are just curious about who they were in a past life, there is more to the Past Life Regression experience than merely satisfying curiosity. It is not out of the question to resolve unexplained fears or phobias during a past life regression session. Common examples include drowning in a past life resulting in a fear of water in the current life. Someone who had a neck injury at the end of their life, such as being hung, strangled or having their head cut off, may experience pain in their neck or fear of anything being tight around their neck. Fear of heights in a past life may be a result of falling to your death from a high place and a fear of flying just might be a result of dying in a plane crash in a past life.

These are but a few examples of challenges that have been resolved as a result of a single Past Life Regression session. These types of issues commonly manifest as a result of the events at the end of the life, though thoughts and feelings that are carried throughout the life that are still present at the end of the life may very well make their way into subsequent lifetimes.

Often just going through the past life regression experience and realizing what happened in that life is enough to allow the client to release the challenge and allow it to return to the past where it belongs. An experienced Past Life Regression Therapist will not assume that is going to be the case and will make sure to provide powerful suggestions to the client to release what they no longer need into the past.

Past Life Regression to Access Talents and Abilities

Many people focus exclusively on releasing and letting go of what you do not want, and this can be very beneficial to anyone who decides to experience a past life regression. One of the more positive benefits of past life regression is connecting with your past to understand talents and abilities that you know about as well as those that may remain hidden if you never have the opportunity to explore them. Often people tend to think of talents and abilities in terms of artist or musical ability, and those are extremely valid talents and abilities. Others include healing, leadership, teaching, writing as well as science, math or history.

These talents and abilities are probably not something we learn in school and you may not have an opportunity to discover them as a part of our career. It is not uncommon for people to decide to schedule a past life regression session in order to find out what they should be doing when they grow up. These people may have a great job with excellent pay and benefits, but they feel their life is unfulfilled. Some may be frustrated or burned out because their jobs require abilities that are not natural to them.

Past Lives and the Spiritual Journey

As people begin to think for themselves they begin to question what they have learned when they were younger. This might include their early belief system that was established when they were younger as a result of what they were taught by their parents, teachers as well as at church. The Spiritual Journey that past life regression clients mention involves a thirst for knowledge, a quest for understanding that has not been satisfied by ‘modern religion.’

When the possibility of something different begins to make sense and there is no other place to turn, many decide to turn within themselves because they understand that what has been presented to them in the past is outdated information that may not make a lot of sense to them any longer. This Spiritual Journey can take many forms, and some may not even use the term Spiritual Journey.

The most important aspect of the Spiritual Journey is to understand that you have the ability to access what you need, there is no need to look to others for the answers you seek. Past Life Regression allows clients to gain an understanding and a knowing that life does go on after the physical life ends. This may create conflict with certain religions whose teachings conflict with the concepts of reincarnation and past life regression, but in the end you need to decide for yourself what you believe. When you explore your past you can change your future.

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