Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, AtlantaPast Life Regression is becoming more popular every day. Back in the mid 1960’s when Mark first watched his father guide a neighbor back to a past life as a caveman it was not as popular as it is today. There are many people who offer different types of Past Life Regression sessions, and Mark facilitates several different variations depending on the needs to the client.

Some other therapists just brush the surface when it comes to Past Life Regression, but Mark has been trained by the top trainers in the field and brings all he has learned in classes as well as from his clients into every session. For those who are merely curious and just want to find out who they were in a past life, it might not be a bad idea to find someone else to work with you. If you want to maximize your experience, then Mark is going to be the best choice when it comes to a Past Life Therapist.

Past Life Regression

Mark’s Past Life Regression session usually lasts about 3-3.5 hours, though sometimes it can go a little longer. At the beginning there is time to talk about the client as well as have a discussion about hypnosis and past life regression, everything you need to know to have a successful session. After guiding the client into hypnosis, the journey begins.

The first part of the process involves visiting several happy enjoyable memories in childhood. These may or may not be conscious memories, they are memories that are allowed to surface from the subconscious mind of the client. Visiting happy times in the childhood provides the client with a warm up in preparation for the past life part of the session.

After briefly exploring several happy memories from childhood it is time to return to an even earlier time. In this part of the session the client is guided back to a time before they were born, back to the mother’s womb. This can be a very powerful part of the session and often provides an opportunity to connect on a soul level.

When the client steps aside and allows these subconscious memories to come to the surface, amazing discoveries can be made. Many clients have been able to validate information they receive during the time exploring the childhood or the womb by asking their mother or other members of their family questions about what they discovered.

Following the visit to the womb, the client is guided back to visit one or more past lifetimes. The instructions are to go back to the most appropriate time and place to explore what is most important for them to experience at the time of the session. After the end of each lifetime additional information is available from a higher perspective when you get answers to specific questions about that life.

We typically visit additional lifetimes , time permitting, usually we have time for 2 sometimes 3 lifetimes, though every session is different.

Talents and Abilities from Past Lives

Mark often incorporates Alchemical Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression processes to bring forward talents and abilities that were discovered in the past life. This is not always something that is appropriate, it depends on the client and the past life self. By spending time connecting with the higher self a determination can be made and the talents and abilities may be brought into the current life if it is deemed appropriate.

Obvious talents and abilities might include art or music, though there can be others as well. Mark has found that many of his clients have had experiences as healers in past lives. In cases such as this it is not always as easy as just asking if it is appropriate and bringing that talent forward.

Some people have blocks when it comes to accessing their healing abilities due to problems encountered in past lives. It is not uncommon for someone to discover that they lost their life as a result of being a healer. These cases involve additional work to assist the client in releasing any non-beneficial energy they brought into their current life before they will be able to access this ability from a past life.

Releasing Physical, Mental and Emotional Energy

Some people have problems in their current life that are a result of challenges in a past life. The most obvious one in terms of knowing instantly it has been released is physical pain. For example, when someone has pain in their shoulder that is a result of an injury in a past life, doctors will tell them there is no reason they should be experiencing that pain. They may offer to do exploratory surgery or provide drugs for the pain, even though they cannot explain the reason for the pain.

When the connection is made between the pain in a past life and a pain in the same part of the body in the current life, it is possible to release that pain instantly. As a result, as soon as the person opens their eyes after their past life regression session, the pain is gone, and it never returns. This is more common than you might think, and as long as the past life therapist helps the client to make the connection between the past life pain and the current life pain and assists them with releasing the effects of that pain, the results are typically astounding.

While not as obvious upon emerging from hypnosis, mental and emotional energy can also be released in much the same way, though it may take the client more time to notice the difference. Many clients will report that they feel lighter or that their mind is clearer when they emerge. As time goes by, the results of these types of energetic releases become even more obvious to them.

Contract Work

There are various types of contracts that are established before, during and after our lifetimes. Some of them apply only to the upcoming life while others can be in effect until they are cancelled and can continue to create challenges lifetime after lifetime. A knowledgeable and experienced Past Life Regression Therapist understands the different types of contracts and always explores the possibility that one or more may be in effect and knows how to help the client deal with these contracts in the most appropriate way possible.

Some of these aspects of Past Life Regression sessions can be included along with the basic session while others may require a separate session, depending on the nature of the work required. Mark is willing to speak with you about this before your session via email or phone. You can also find out more about Life Between Lives, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Quantum Healing Hypnosis by signing up for his email list at the top of the page. When you do you will receive a FREE self hypnosis recording.