5 Misconceptions About Hypnosis

In addition to teaching Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, I offer a variety of different types of Hypnosis sessions when I am home in Dallas. It is important to explain Misconceptions About Hypnosis and Past Life Regression when I see a Past Life or LBL client for the first time.

When I am on the road I limit my work to Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression sessions. This is my specialty and people are very interested in exploring these sessions so I prefer to limit my work on the road to these types of sessions.

Misconceptions about HypnosisThe other reason I have decided to limit my work on the road to what I call Spiritual Hypnotherapy is that traditional Hypnotherapy typically requires multiple sessions. I do visit some locations, such as Houston and Oklahoma City, every other month, but I only visit most locations 1 to 3 times a year. Even 2 months is too long to wait for a follow up session.

Many people often wait 2-6 months before returning for another Past Life Regression session, and that usually works well with my travel schedule. Those who are really excited about the Life Between Lives session might schedule a past life session and an LBL session during one visit. Another option is to schedule the Past Life session via Skype before I travel to a location near you.

The fact is that most people who come to see me have never been hypnotized before, and that goes for those who come in for what I call Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy. It is critical that my clients understand the Misconceptions about Hypnosis and Past Life Regression, which we discuss before their session.
I do have some clients who have experienced hypnosis before they come to see me and some have even experienced a Past Life Regression. Unless they have had a session with me, they probably have not had the opportunity to connect as deeply as they would like.
Here are a few facts that often correct Misconceptions about Hypnosis you may have when you make the decision to schedule your initial hypnosis session. There is a link below to additional details as well.
  1. Hypnosis is not sleep, you will be aware during the session. You will not be unconscious during the session so you will remember everything that happens in your session.
  2. If your mind wanders or wonders, that’s OK, it does not mean you are not hypnotized. Simply bring your awareness back to the sound of my voice.
  3. Some people think they will do anything the hypnotist suggests while in hypnosis. Entertainment hypnosis, TV and movies have added to this misconception, by sensationalizing hypnosis. The fact is you will not do anything you would not normally do in a conscious state and any suggestions given while in hypnosis that do not agree with your morals or values will be ignored.
  4. I used to think hypnosis was a truth serum. My father was a hypnotist and when I got old enough to do things I though might get me in trouble, I stopped asking him to hypnotize me. I thought I might end up telling on myself. It is not a truth serum, because hypnosis is not about control.
  5. Some people say they do not know if they can be hypnotized. My response to that is if you want to be hypnotized you can be. That is the only requirement. If someone says to me “I bet you cannot hypnotize me,” then I agree with them, because I know that is true.
Follow this link for more Myths and Misconceptions of Hypnosis. I will be adding another post that covers the Misconceptions About Past Life Regression here soon. If you have decided to schedule your Life Between Lives, Quantum Healing Hypnosis or Past Life Regression session, you can reach me on my contact page for additional information about scheduling a session.
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